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When do I need to use an air spring shock absorber in my product?


Air spring shock absorber is an important mechanical device, which is widely used in various products to reduce the impact of vibration and shock on mechanical equipment or structures. They effectively absorb and disperse energy, thereby protecting equipment and mitigating damage from noise and vibration. The use of common shock absorbers in some products will be detailed below.

1. Cars and vehicles:

Automotive is a major application area of shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are often used in automotive suspension systems to reduce the vibration and shock generated when the vehicle is running. This not only improves ride comfort, but also protects other parts of the vehicle from damage. In addition, in vehicles such as trains, aircraft and ships, shock absorbers are also widely used to reduce the vibration and noise of vehicles/ships and improve the passenger experience.

2. Industrial machinery:

In the industrial sector, various types of mechanical equipment also need to use shock absorbers to reduce vibration and shock. For example, generator sets, compressors, pumps, and various rotating equipment require shock absorbers to protect their own structure and reduce vibration interference with surrounding equipment. In addition, some high-precision processing equipment, such as CNC machine tools and laser cutting machines, also need shock absorbers to improve processing quality.

3. Building and Structure:

Air spring shock absorbers are also widely used in construction and structural engineering. For example, in high-rise buildings and Bridges, shock absorbers can reduce structural vibration under the action of earthquakes and wind, improving the stability of buildings and the safety of personnel. In addition, some sensitive instruments and experimental equipment, such as optical instruments and seismographs, also need to use shock absorbers to reduce the interference of external vibrations on their measurements and observations.

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