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How to Disassemble and Install a BMW Steering Wheel Like a Pro?


Tools required: 16mm socket, T25 screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, pry bar, yellow ribbon tool.

1.Locate the disassembly hole on the right side of the BMW Steering Wheel.

2.Locate the disassembly hole on the left side of the M Sport Steering Wheel.

3.Insert the T25 screwdriver into the left disassembly hole of the BMW Steering Wheel. Once you feel the spring tension loosen, the airbag on the left side can be popped out.

4.Repeat the same method for the right side as in step 3. Press the green screwdriver handle towards the BMW Steering Wheel to facilitate smooth insertion of the screwdriver into the spring hook.

5.Use the 16mm socket to remove the centrally secured screw of the M Sport Steering Wheel. One person grips the BMW Steering Wheel and applies force to the right, while another person uses the socket to apply force to the left to loosen it.

6.The red box indicates the airbag oil thread of the BMW Steering Wheel. Never rotate the oil thread to avoid damaging it, which may cause the fault light to stay on constantly.

7.To remove the oil thread, remove the 4 screws. Some cars use T20 screws, while others use 7mm socket screws on the M Sport Steering Wheel. Use as per the actual situation.

8.After removing the oil thread, remove the two plugs at the back and take out the plug with the shell of the BMW Steering Wheel. The left side is pin 1, and the right side is pin 6. Check if pin 3 has a harness. If there is no harness, use the ribbon tool (yellow wire) to connect to the passenger side BDC module.

9.Ignore the ribbon tool wiring. It can be routed from behind the car CD player.

10.On the passenger side BDC module (large white box), the second white plug from the right to left.

11.Remove the black lower part from the white plug and insert our ribbon tool into the reserved pin 5 position. The ribbon tool wiring is now complete.

12.Reassemble the BMW Steering Wheel according to the previous disassembly steps, then program it using a computer to enable cruise control and ribbon tool functions.

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